The school is open to children of all races and nationalities aged 3 to 16. 


To apply for admission parents or legal representatives of the student need to provide the following documents to the Admissions Office:


  • Completed Application for Admission form

  • Copy of Student’s passport and birth certificate

  • Copy of Student’s visa and registration form (if applicable)

  • Copies of both parents’ passports (or those of the legal representatives)

  • Copies of both parents’ visas and registration, if applicable (or those of the legal representatives)

  • Report cards and other progress reports from previous school (if applicable)

  • Completed Health Examination Report

  • 2 color photos 3x4.

The Admissions Committee may request additional documents if necessary.


Admission Procedure


Step 1: The Admission Office reviews the student’s application package and invites successful applicants and their parents or legal representatives for an interview with the Principal.
Step 2: The school holds an interview during which the applicant/applicant’s legal representatives need to demonstrate their reasons and motivation for joining the school. The family also needs to explain how they are planning to fund the tuition. The applicants must bring signed contract and enrolment letter to the interview.
Step 3: The Admissions Office enrols the student after receiving confirmation of payment of the registration, capital fee (if applicable) and tuition fees.


If the student does not take up the assigned place within the term specified in the enrolment letter, the school may withdraw the enrolment offer fully reimbursing the tuition fee.


Applications are accepted all year around. We encourage families to visit the school prior to application. After submission of the application package, the prospective students may attend up to 3 trial days free of charge. To arrange your visit please contact Reception at info@kischool.ru or call +7 (4843) 75-15-05.


For answers to any questions on the application process please contact Admissions Office on +7 (4843) 75-15-05 or info@kischool.ru. 











+7 (4843) 75-15-05

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