Primary School

The Primary School curriculum is based on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) and Russian State Programmes for Pre-school and Primary education.  Primary Years Programme (3 - 10 years) involves the study of languages, mathematics, sciences, humanities, arts, and physical and social education. The curriculum is taught through Units of Inquiry, whereby the student conducts a systematic investigation or study into a worthy question, issue, problem or idea. Units of Inquiry enable students to construct knowledge and understanding of the world around them through meaningful and purposeful project work providing the students with first hand experiences.  The Units of Inquiry are based on the six transdisciplinary themes:

  • Who We Are

  • Where We Are in Place and Time

  • How We Express Ourselves

  • How the World Works

  • How We Organise Ourselves

  • Sharing the Planet


During the academic year the Early Years to Grade 1 conduct 4 units of inquiry, whilst Grade 2 – Grade 5 have six units of inquiry. Grade 5 students also prepare their own project, including research and presentation - The Exhibition.

The programme complies with the Russian Federal State Standard on Primary Education and is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kaluga Region. 

Middle/High School

The Middle/High School curriculum (11-16 years) is based on the Cambridge curriculum for International Schools and  includes six groups of subjects. It is mandatory to study two languages, mathematics, combined science, humanities, arts, and physical, social and personal education. The academic programme involves the application of theoretical concepts in the real world. The process of learning incorporates active use of visual arts and modern technologies. The programme involves cultural tours and trips, as well as meetings with invited experts.

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